The customer experience management conference is the prestigious annual conference/ awards that celebrate service excellence in Nigeria, by bringing together professionals, customer service experts¸ executives and managers of companies that deliver effective and exceptional customer service, it synergies the customer service operations and international best practices to raise the standard of customer service and encourage companies to go beyond paying lip service to customers.

Nigerian customer service awards identify companies from each sector that have observed and employed practices customers have enjoyed, recognize and commend them. The Companies are accessed based on their customer service practices in a process that includes customer feedback (Nomination), review of staff and management process that relate to customer service, and lastly the Nigeria Mystery Shoppers Provider(NMSP),

Customer experience management conference/awards help organizations to listen to the voices of their customers by conducting an independent assessment of quality customer service. Using the international survey tools to collect and analyze feedback from customers and grade their responses using world standard as a benchmark, the nominations begins January of every year via, also via short code available to mobile subscribers. Send NCSA space COMPANY NAME to 20822 and by adopting mystery shoppers to set criteria as guide company across Nigeria spend a great deal of time and money every year in their effort to win and retain customers, they invest heavily in hi-tech advertisement product, celebrity endorsement and loyalty programs. Research revealed that most companies are not doing enough to build strong relationship with either their current or prospective customer, whereas more is needed to build a strong, loyal and long lasting profitable relationship.

The 2018 edition promises to be more engaging, ingenious, inventive, elucidative and better planned with about 30 sectors in focus with the introduction of Customer Service Ambassadors in Nigeria. Theme; UNLEASHING THE DIGITAL EXPERIENCE, It is expected to involve leading consulting firms, value assurance experts and mystery shoppers whose judgement would determine which organization are recognized for the Awards. Companies must listen to the voice of their customers, because without Customers companies will be out of business